We are at the dawn of a new world of health care in the United States. 32 million people will gain insurance and health care organizations must begin to have conversations at the hospital level, at the nurses stations, at the practice managers level, and in the board rooms and strategic planning offices of our largest health care providers that have tens, if not hundreds of hospitals.

THE LEEEGH, which stands for leadership in education, energy, environment, governance and health, has specialists who have worked in the current health care system, and have studied in depth the new health care system and health care developments that are changing health care in the US daily. From our capability to survey every employee to tap the wisdom of your workforce, to working with your boards, practice managers, and strategic planners, THE LEEEGH can help your health care institution rise ahead of the curve on new health care changes and challenges.

Nonprofit health care providers will need to make astute business decisions as billions are being poured into some parts of our health care system, while billions are going to be taken out of other parts of our health care system. A new emphasis on marketing will be critical, eliminating the never events of poor health care delivery, and developing precise cost estimation processes for future health care administration and delivery will be required in this new environment.

We stand apart as a nonprofit assisting other nonprofits with leadership, communication, strategic planning, business planning, and finance assistance to health care organizations, large and small. We invite you to contact us to let us know what challenges your organization is ready to face and how we can assist you in facing these unprecedented challenges. We will also alert you to new challenges that are not yet apparent on the horizon as the health care industry, for-profit and nonprofit alike, is riding into a competitive environment unlike any America has seen in our 200 year history. Your health care organization can make our new health care system the best in the world. Your patients, your doctors and employees, deserve it and we are here to help.


THE LEEEGH can assist nonprofits, cities, counties, state governments, and quasi-governmental entities create health policies and programs, and can assist health care companies in developing responses to the evolving health care situation in the United States. In addition, THE LEEEGH can help hospitals and all heath care institutions create community investment programs that support healthy living and health care practices designed to help all of us lead a healthier life. We can provide strategic planning services, program development, program evaluation, and community input support to a broad range of organizations and governmental entities who are addressing our health care needs in the 21st Century.

Speakers from THE LEEEGH are available for keynote addresses, workshops, and webinars on many topics dealing with health care issues including training nonprofit leaders in health care organizations and associations in leadership, strategic thinking, strategic planning, board governance, and growth and expansion.

For more information on the services we provide in the health care arena, please contact Herb Rubenstein, 303.910.7961 or