Renewable Energy is one piece of the puzzle leading America to a more sustainable energy sector. Improving how oil and gas are extracted and lessening their impact on the environment are also critical components. Planning at the city, county (parish), regional, state and national level must be enhanced so that America controls our own destiny.

Innovation will drive America and so far we are importing innovation from overseas in renewable energy, just as we are importing oil and gas from abroad. THE LEEEGH, which stands for leadership in education, energy, environment, governance and health, works with city, county, state, and regional/federal government agencies to improve energy planning.

Energy efficiency is a great buzzword, but who is really doing it. Your block? Your neighborhood? Your community? Your business? Your local government? THE LEEEGH can assist in developing measurable and success energy efficiency programs for communities, school districts, local governments, and we can put the buzz in this buzzword. Today, there are over 150 electric car companies, and we applaud every one. Today, we have weatherization programs and training programs to help people reduce their energy use. We applaud every one of them.

Now, we are shaping America's energy future. Planning, long term strategic planning, will be critical as a new approach to solving our energy puzzle. Time may be running out environmentally, but certainly, the days when America wastes energy, and the time when we are only five percent (5%) of the world's population but consume twenty-five (25%) of the world's energy, are surely coming to an end. We cannot afford any longer to waste one-tenth of the energy we waste. Energy efficiency can create millions of good wage, green collar jobs and can right the balance of how we use our finite fossil fuels, our limited, but growing nuclear power, and help us limit the amount of money we will have to spend on solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biofuels, and other renewable resources. There is no blank check. THE LEEEGH is poised to be, working side by side with your nonprofit organization, government agency, or company that wants to chart a new course and a new direction in energy development, to be part of the long run solution to create ENERGY BALANCE in America.


THE LEEEGH can assist nonprofits, cities, counties, state governments, quasi-governmental entities create energy efficiency programs, and can assist energy companies in developing community investment programs that support a sustainable energy future. We can provide strategic planning services, program development, program evaluation, and community input support to a broad range of organizations and governmental entities who are planning for the optimal use of their energy resources and the best approaches to making our energy use more efficient and more environmentally sound.

Speakers from THE LEEEGH are available for keynote addresses, workshops, and webinars on many topics dealing with energy issues in the 21st Century.

For more information on the services we provide in the energy sector and to public institutions involved in energy planning and energy resource use, please contact Herb Rubenstein, 303.910.7961 or