Herb Rubenstein, the Founder and Executive Director of THE LEEEGH, has written a full course on how boards of directors should operate. In the nonprofit world, nonprofit organizations live successfully or die because of their boards of directors. It is clear that improving the productivity of a nonprofit board of directors is one of the most important ways to guarantee that your donors, your members, and those who count on you for support, will benefit fully from your organization's services.

Improving a board of directors is not easy. We believe in tough, annual, if not more often, board evaluations of each and every member of the board. We believe in individual board member accountability and we can show you how to enforce it. We believe in active board committees, using people from outside your board of directors to serve on those committees. We believe in a waiting list for future board positions. And, when a board of directors improve, the staff improves.


  • board development programs
  • board evaluation processes
  • board conflict resolution
  • board training for new members
  • board nomination processes that bear fruit
  • handling of expense reimbursement for board members
  • conflict of interest training and policy development
  • overview of your state laws pertaining to board member duties and responsibilities
  • how and when/why to buy directors and officers insurance
  • indemnification of board members policy development for your organization
  • fiduciary duty explained in a meaningful and impactful way
  • improving the board's role in strategy development and strategic planning
  • improving board communications
  • the board's role and training in marketing and communications about your nonprofit
  • how to conduct a board investigation of complaints about your nonprofit
  • board productivity improvements
  • board goal setting
  • how to oversee your nonprofit's selection of attorneys, accountants, auditors,
  • CEO evaluation and the role of the board
  • CEO selection and the role of the board
  • Due diligence in board decision making the key rules
  • the director of board relations position created by THE LEEEGH
  • board committee structures, and
  • the annual board calendar, a great tool for improving boards of directors