2010 will go down as the worst year in the history of the world for environmental problems caused by human beings. And, this is not a political statement. It is a fact.

THE LEEEGH, which stands for leadership in education, energy, environment, governance and health, works with city, county, state, and regional/federal government agencies to improve environmental planning, protection, and the proper allocation of costs due to pollution. We do not engage in politics when it comes to environment. A clean planet, a planet that will be inhabitable by human beings in 1,000, 10,000, 50,000 and even in a million years, is not a political choice. It is our duty as the human race.

Environmental stewardship is not a liberal or a conservative cause. It is a human cause. When there is a boom area, like the Ft. McMurray's of this world, or any boom area, we work with all local and regional governments, and all businesses that are producing the boom, to insure that when the boom subsides, the physical environment, the social environment, the financial environment, the transportation infrastructure, the educational settings, the economic livelihoods of the people, are all left by the boom makers in a sustainable mode.

We assist those who pollute do three things: Reduce the negative impacts of their past pollution, pay appropriately for that reduction of the negative impacts of that pollution and any future pollution they create, and minimize future pollution. We support transparency and the duty of every citizen and every company to report, and the government to insure that they report, all actual pollution. More importantly, we support that when a company or any entity becomes aware that it might cause significant pollution, to reach out for help from every available source to stop or mitigate that pollution.

We support and work hard to enhance the living environment that older Americans and disabled Americans face each and every day. When we use the word environment we mean not only pristine wilderness, we mean fuel efficient transportation systems, air that clean, a food supply that empowers us to be healthy, and certainly does not injure or kill us or cause us to be susceptible to avoidable diseases. Our environment involves a cause that in the future must unite conservatives and liberals, and we at THE LEEEGH believe we can help organizations, companies and government agencies all reduce the negative impacts we have day in and day out on the environment, and contribute to economic growth and human well-being by doing so.


THE LEEEGH can assist nonprofits, cities, counties, state governments, quasi-governmental entities create environmental policies and programs, and can assist environmental companies in developing community investment programs that support a sustainable environmental future. We can provide strategic planning services, program development, program evaluation, and community input support to a broad range of organizations and governmental entities who are planning for the optimal protection of their environment.

Speakers from THE LEEEGH are available for keynote addresses, workshops, and webinars on many topics dealing with environmental issues in the 21st Century.

For more information on the services we provide regarding the environment please contact Herb Rubenstein, 303.910.7961 or herb@sbizgroup.com.