Leadership in Education – Where Does Cheating Fit In?

New revelations about 178 teachers and principals participating in a massive cheating ring to change answers on standardized test scores in the Atlanta area raise grave questions about leadership in the PreK-12 education in the United States.  Some questions deal with how do we hold these principals and teachers accountable.  What laws have they violated?  Should they be decertified as teachers, or worse, prosecuted criminally?  Other questions are how widespread is organized cheating on standardized tests in our educational system and how do we find out?  Should performance audits be required?  This issue will not go away.  Teachers are leaders and they, not principals nor administrators, even if they ordered this cheating, are responsible themselves for their own actions.  What do we do as a society to stop this cheating because its harm to our educational system is huge now and will only get larger in the future.

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